What he is doing ?

To start with …

There used to be a king of a very prosperous kingdom. His only worry was his own son whose deeds were the cause of suffering for whole kingdom. Prince never believed in existence of God, so used to punish those who chant the prayers and worship Gods.

King shared this with the ministers of his court. They assured him that time will bring maturity to the prince and he will start to respect others’ feelings & believes.

Finally that day came, when king was prepared for his final destination. At his death-bed, he bid farewell to all and blessed his son to be a good king, gave him instructions to run the Kingdom along with keeping everyone satisfied.

As per the customs, prince was asked to take oath, God as witness, before taking the throne. To the horrors of all, prince simply refused to take oath. His argument was simple though, “I can’t take oath of anyone whom I can’t see or feel.” Everyone was puzzled, how to convince him to follow the age old tradition.

When ministers argued with King, he announced “ I will accept the existence of God and will follow whatever needed, only if anyone will answer these 3 question –

1. Where is he (God)?

2. Where he is looking ?

3. What he is doing right now ? “

Announcement was done in kingdom that the person, who will satisfy the king with his/her answers will be rewarded and If nobody would be successful, all temples will be taken down and nobody would be allowed to practice religion anymore.

Many intelligent and spiritual people came forward but none was having proper answers. Most of them said God is omnipresent and only can be felt by practice and meditation. King was dissatisfied and somewhat happy that no one is able to answer his questions.

Only 1 day was left, before king‘s order for demolitions, so his prime-minister was very sad. Noticing the worried face of her father, his daughter inquired the reason. She, who herself was very spiritual, sought permission to go in court and answer the questions. Reluctantly father gave the approval.

Next day she went to court and asked king to provide a vessel full with milk. Puzzled King asked his servants to bring milk-filled vessel.

She asked to king- “What you see in my hands ?”

King replied – “ I see, milk.”

She said – “But I can see butter, curd and cheese too. Don’t you see them ? Who can deny the existence of all these item ? All of them can be extracted through processing of this milk. Same way God is also present in this body, but can be seen and realised only through meditation by knowing the self.“

King was speechless and to some extent embarrassed. He said – “ Ok, that sounds logical, but what about my other 2 questions? “

She replied – “ To answer your second question, I need a burning candle.”

A burning candle was provided.

She asked – “My dear King, can you tell, where this candle-flame is looking ? “

King replied – “ Everywhere, it’s removing the darkness from all around. It’s not looking at any particular direction.“

She smiled and said “O King, this is the answer of your second question. God is also looking everywhere just like this candle and illuminating the world with his radiance.”

Impressed king said – “Now provide the answer of my last question – what he is doing right now ? “

She said – “To answer that question, we have to interchange our places. I am like your Guru due to knowledge I am sharing with you. So act as a disciple and come to my place. “

Curious king interchanged his position with her and stood in the court.

She sat on the throne and said – “Almighty has made king like you an ordinary man standing in the court and me as your Guru sitting on this throne. This is what he is doing right now. Nothing is possible without his consent.”

Highly impressed by girl, king rewarded her and kept his promise. He gave freedom to all citizens to practice their religions in whichever way possible.

Moral – We should always respect the believes, sentiments and religions of others. Paths are different but destination is same. Even non-believers should not be compelled to follow any particular path. Each one has to discover the ultimate truth by himself.

ओम् नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय !

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