Pikes Peak – A Trip To Heaven

These days temperature is too high in India , you can actually make tea by infusing leaves with water and putting for a while on rooftop 😛 . Sweating and bathing are actually interchangeable nowadays.

Last week many states broke records, few reporting even 50 degree (122 F). Temperature here in Mathura (My hometown) is oscillating between 40-50 degrees. Mind is thus trying to get respite from this heat through some good “cold” memories.

Yesterday I was busy reading book titled “Not Guilty” on Kindle app, story based on Colorado, USA. Let me tell you, Colorado is one of my favorite place, solitude and beauty of which provides joy to my soul. I have been there two times in last two years. While reading the book, I got lost in the beauty of Colorado along with book’s character.

Last year we (Me and Harmit) went to Colorado in April month and stayed in Colorado Springs. Weather was kind of hot that time. We planned to visit Pikes Peak – highest summit of southern front range of Rocky Mountains, which was very near from our stay.

Pond on the way to Peak

We drove through Pikes peak highway – 19 miles drive with elevation of 14,115 feet. This drive was one of the steepest among all our previous trips and full of breathtaking views. Temperature completely flipped as we progressed thus requiring hats, gloves and jackets. Luckily we had all such stuff with us (Learning from past – South Dakota trip). It was fun to wear winter clothes and notice skaters enjoying over the scattered ice everywhere in surroundings.

Beautiful scenery of Pikes Peak

Once we reached at the shuttle point (huge area with parking space) from where you have to on-board shuttle service. We waited for our turn (frequency is slow due to steep road) close to 25 mins and then reached at the top after listening about the area from lady driver. There used to be a railway service as well to reach here (currently under renovation) which must have been a good experience too.

Top view of the shuttles

Railway Track at the top

They have Visitor center at the top with small restaurant serving freshly prepared doughnuts, potato chips, coffee and other items which was icing on the cake in that cold weather. Once you are at the top, you will be mesmerized by the look. You can see the long range of mountains along with clouds just over your head. Just by thinking about that place gives me goosebumps. I am desperate to go there again.

Pikes Peak Souvenir


See the video of surrounding below :-

View at the Top

Once you come back to parking spot through shuttle, you will be advised to drive in lower gears (manual mode) so as not to damage your vehicle. It was a memorable day still fresh in my memory.

Returning through Shuttle

Do you also have any such memory ? Which place is your favorite where you can go N number of times ? Leave your comments below.


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