Little Havana – A beautiful neighborhood of Miami

I was in Miami recently and I was really very excited for this trip, Firstly because it was going to be my first vacation of this year and secondly due to photography opportunities.

As I always say, travelling experience comes with so many things altogether- mental peace, relaxation, knowing yourself, understanding of a place and it’s culture, collecting memories in from of photographs, spending time with family and many more.

A beautiful Wall painting

I went to Miami with my sisters (No, that’s not strange ) for 4 days and we decided to make it a total relaxing trip (No museums, aquarium or gator parks ), to just chill on South beach, lots of talking, book reading and roaming around the beach. This experience was unique for me since I am kind of guy who wants to see everything in the visiting city and utilize each moment, so less relax more work.

How happy they are 🙂

3 days passed just like we wished, on 4th day we went to Little Havana (On sister’s recommendation) , a neighborhood full of colors, graffiti and Cuban culture. It is home to many Cuban exiles and immigrants thus named little Havana (capital of Cuba). This place is paradise for photographers, unfortunately I noticed only one guy (with big camera) and his partner (as his model) on the streets other than me. It’s a beautiful place that offers live music, entertainment and local shopping to the tourists.

My sisters went inside a shopping store which was having handmade paintings (really beautiful unlike modern art ;)), jewelry, stones, clothes and many more and I stayed outside taking photographs (couldn’t miss the opportunity), backgrounds were so bright and beautiful that subject of your photo will stand out. Below are some photos taken :-

Area was full of Graffiti , I captured many of those through my Sony A6500 mirrorless camera. Sisters were also very happy as I included them as subjects in my photos (I don’t generally do that), below are some of the Graffiti I found interesting :-

Roaming in the streets, we came across an alley (That photographer was also there) which was very colorful, in the closing section of it, there were beautiful and bright wall paintings. We spend 15-20 mins there admiring the work and taking photographs. Here are some of the photos taken :-

Night was close and I had the return flight of the same day, so we decided to return to our Hotel so as to avoid any adventure 😀 (Can’t miss the flight), in between the time our Uber came, took few more shots and then rode back to Hotel. Last shots of that day :-

In the above pictures, you might notice guys playing chess, this was the famous “Máximo Gómez Park” – a gathering place for Domino and chess players. They were very much involved in the game, I took couple of pictures.

So if you are in Miami or planning to go, this pace must be in your list. You will definitely enjoy your time here.

Tell me any specific photo you liked in this post. Also share you favorite places and their specialty. Let me know what makes them unique.

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