5 Reasons you should pack your bag and start Travel !

Relaxing at home on comfy couch with mobile in hand and Green tea on table, sometimes I think why to bother to go somewhere and plan a trip that will include either long drives or flights with usual delays . Also travel means more expense so is it really worth spending money ?

I have been travelling for a long time (close to 8-9 years) and all I see is tons of benefits that come directly/indirectly with Travel. So here are 5 reasons you should stop thinking about expenses and Time and start packing your bags for next trip :-

1. Recharge, Refresh and Refuel – Just like we go to Gym or indulge in physical activities for our body recharge, mind also needs the same. Working 5 times a week for 8-9 hours and then following the same routine daily, we need a break. During travel when we leave behind office/personal issues, and spend time with family or solo in nature, it recharges our mind, body and soul and gives us some memorable happy moments.

My last trip was of Yellowstone and that was really rejuvenating. We had some kind of special connect with beautiful nature of Yellowstone and felt at ease.

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring

2. Social connect – We are social animals and beside our limited personal and professional contacts ( few forced too), We possesses strong desire to make connection with others sharing our interests and goals. During travel we find other travelers with common interests that sometimes become our long time friends.

Personally I love meeting new people, communicating and sharing space with them. I had great experiences with nice People in Colorado, Yellowstone, Puerto Rico, South Dakota and many such places during my recent visits.

Bean in Chicago

3. Cultural Know How – If you move from one state to another in my Home Country India, you will find so much cultural differences in language, food, dressing and nature that you will be amazed. It feels good to understand other cultures and be part of them temporarily. Visiting any different country or any home state give you chance to know the local culture. Like I loved the European culture in Switzerland during my visit, their signature dish Racllete loaded with cheese and Mulled wine can’t be forgotten.

Even We felt amazed in Puerto Rico, I would say city of happiness. We felt like home there and my wife got annoyed by my daily consumption of Pina Colada 🙂

Cowboy shop in South Dakota

4. Knowledge – From my personal experiences, Knowledge always comes in handy whenever needed. Travel gives frog-out-of-well kind of feeling and when we are out of our tiny well and see the beautiful big world around us. We get insights and knowledge of surrounding.

We weren’t aware of Geo thermal points before Yellowstone, Spanish colonies, Christopher Columbus or Pina Coloada before Puerto Rico, Garden of Gods or Pikes peak before Colorado, Beautiful patterns of Badlands or Bio-luminescent bay before our trips. There is so much around us which we don’t know, Travel gives that opportunity to learn and know those things.

Badlands beautiful patterns

5. Entertainment – Whether you are in Branson, Missouri or Chicago, Yellowstone or RMNP, Niagra falls or Luray Caverns, enjoyment, fun, entertainment quotient can’t be less. I love Photography and wait for my trips as they provide more opportunity and atmosphere for great shots. If you like hiking, biking, eating or just roaming in the streets with camera in hand, Travel will give you those moments to enjoy what you love.

I took Photography serious 2 years back and whatever I learned, all credit goes to my trips. Shooting nature’s wonders, Capturing wildlife in habitat or Taking photos of busy city life give happiness to soul and improves my skills.

Trekking on Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

What you think about Travelling ? Share your experiences and learning from Travelling. Those who are still at home reading this blog, go plan a trip and fresh you mind.

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