Still Life – Matches in the case

For me every sketch is a step closer to expertise. When I choose a sketch, it seems very hard(almost impossible to draw) to me and I have that feeling that I can’t do justice with it. But once it is finished, it comes up with the feeling of surprise, wonder and happiness. Each artwork IContinue reading “Still Life – Matches in the case”

Maha-Shivratri – Tribute from a devotee

Today is Maha- Shivratri, an auspicious day for Lord Shiva devotees. On this day Hindu God Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati, which was the first love marriage in Hindu mythology . There are 12 shiv-ratris (Shiva Night) in a year but this one is the most important due to it significance in Lord Shiva’sContinue reading “Maha-Shivratri – Tribute from a devotee”

First sketch of the year

This year has been very productive so far, I am covering state parks (Depending on weather) , read 6 books already , planned few trips ( surprise ! ) for coming months and recently draw my first sketch of the year. Here we go ….. Sketching for me is not a thing which can beContinue reading “First sketch of the year”