Little Havana – A beautiful neighborhood of Miami

I was in Miami recently and I was really very excited for this trip, Firstly because it was going to be my first vacation of this year and secondly due to photography opportunities. As I always say, travelling experience comes with so many things altogether- mental peace, relaxation, knowing yourself, understanding of a place andContinue reading “Little Havana – A beautiful neighborhood of Miami”

First sketch of the year

This year has been very productive so far, I am covering state parks (Depending on weather) , read 6 books already , planned few trips ( surprise ! ) for coming months and recently draw my first sketch of the year. Here we go ….. Sketching for me is not a thing which can beContinue reading “First sketch of the year”

A Day at Lake Manawa State Park

As the temperature continues to fall , sadness and laziness creeps in my house. Regularly checking weekly temperature and then bookmarking sunny days has become a habit now. I love winter especially the time when Mother Nature wraps herself in white blanket of snow but this comes with limitations of being trap in the house.Continue reading “A Day at Lake Manawa State Park”

Best Place To See Sunset In Omaha

Last Saturday it was good sunny day as opposed to harsh winter of OMAHA, so I planned to go Zorinsky lake park to spend some time in nature alone. I wanted to see sunset behind the lake and what’s best place than Zorinsky. Zorinski lake park is 15-20 mins drive from my house and toContinue reading “Best Place To See Sunset In Omaha”

Goodbye 2019, Will miss you !

Today is the last day of this year and 2020 is waiting for a warm welcome from us. So I was thinking How was 2019 for us (Me & My wife) as far as our Travel desires were concerned. Last year was very much productive in terms of Travel. We covered 4 national parks, 1Continue reading “Goodbye 2019, Will miss you !”

5 Reasons you should pack your bag and start Travel !

Relaxing at home on comfy couch with mobile in hand and Green tea on table, sometimes I think why to bother to go somewhere and plan a trip that will include either long drives or flights with usual delays . Also travel means more expense so is it really worth spending money ? I haveContinue reading “5 Reasons you should pack your bag and start Travel !”

Christmas in Aksarben

Christmas is at the door and atmosphere is full of lights, happiness and decorations in Aksarben, Omaha. Main attraction of the area is glittering giving the shape of Christmas tree to Stinson park’s landmark. Aksarben opposite of “Nebraska”, is always lively and in festive mood. If you never been here, spend at least an eveningContinue reading “Christmas in Aksarben”

First Step in Blogging World !

As the year is about to pass and we all are waiting to welcome 2020, I went in retrospection mode for 2019. This year me and my wife had a blast, we both love travelling (I consider myself as born traveler) and this year proved to me remarkable in fulfilling our travel desires to anContinue reading “First Step in Blogging World !”