Need Winter Break? Visit Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado

During the conversation with our friends (Manish & Sonam) at their home, the topic shifted to Colorado, our favorite vacation destination. We discussed all the beautiful places of Colorado from RMNP, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver to Montrose and Gunnison, and revisited the memories. They also, having similar interests, have been there many times. Manish told me about this place, Strawberry Park Hot Spring which is famous among tourists for its natural warm pools. He showed me a video on Youtube in which a group of friends was enjoying their time in the hot spring amid the snow. It was all charismatic, I added the place to my wish list.

My elder sister was coming and she never visited Colorado. So we planned a trip to the place in early November. It was her birthday, so what’s better than celebrating it in Colorado. The idea was for a road trip to explore the area and then cover Grand Lake along with RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Park).

We booked a 2-bed room with Nordic Lodge at Steamboat springs. The hotel was in the downtown shopping belt. Restaurants, cafes, and shopping stores were at a walkable distance from our stay. The Strawberry Park is nearly 15 mins from the property. We would highly recommend the place. Read the full review here – Nordic Lodge.

Strawberry Park Hot Spring is a naturally preserved place with hot and cold water pools. Water comes from the top of the mountain and collects in different-sized water pools. The surrounding is panoramic with alpine trees and hills. We reserved our spot for 12PM from their website where you just need to declare your group size and pick the date and time slot. Payment is on-site only that too in cash.

On our booking day, the weather was warm and sunny. Our hotel staff provided us extra towels for the place. Since Hot spring was close by, we left for the place at around 11:45AM. The road to the place is muddy and your vehicle is required to have all-wheel drive. They even mentioned that on their website.

We reached there on time, there was ample parking space. On the left side of the entrance is the hot spring along with a small cabin serving as the reception. We paid there and went to the washroom on the right side to change clothes. The time window for the activity was 2 hours which was more than enough. Btw no one is going to actually check your timing in the pool.

The main area is basically divided into 4 pools, the first of which was just still water and probably not for use. The second pool which was full of people was nice and warm and the third pool was the hottest. The last pool at the farthest point was ice-cold water, during our time there, just one man was brave enough to take a dip into that pool. There were few chairs available near the second pool where we kept our clothes and belongings. There is a changing room in this area as well.

Main Area 4 Pools

We started with the first pool. It took me some time to immerse myself in the water as I don’t feel comfortable going into hot water, even for the jacuzzi I have to prepare myself a lot. Harmit and my sister were quick to go deep in the water. Finally, I joined them and then we had great fun. We swam, played, and relaxed in the water. This pool was a little crowded, so after spending like 20 minutes, we moved to the second pool which was hotter than the previous one. Water from the first pool was flowing to the second pool from a small opening. It was surprising how in a place like Colorado(known for its harsh weather), water is so warm naturally, and two adjacent water pools have hot and ice-cold water.

First Pool
Second Pool

Hours of Operation– 10AM-10PM

Services– Lodging, Shuttle, Spa

Payment – CASH only at the time of arrival

Entrance Fee – 20$ per adult

Activity Time – 2 Hours

Time Slot BookingBook here

We talked, talked, and talked. After a long time, we 3 spent time in the lap of mother nature without any electronics around. We switched between the pools during our time there and nearly 1/2 an hour before our slot window, my sister proposed to leave for the day. There was another tiny pool on the left side of the area which was a bit shady and was looking like a private pool. I suggested going there before leaving the place.

Family Fun

There were just 3-4 people there and the pool was tiny. Though shady, it was also hot, surrounded by big rocks, a small water stream coming into it from somewhere between the rocks. Our conversation again started and we spent the next 1/2 hour there.

Shaded Pool

The skins of our hands were now full of wrinkles, so we decided to come out of the water. Harmit and my sister went to the changing room while I stayed with our belongings. Once they were back, I changed my clothes and we were good to go.


It was an out-of-the-world experience and credit goes to my friend Manish who shared this amazing place with me. The place is open most of the winter and I can’t help imagining myself in the hot spring again during the snow. We might visit the place again soon, fingers crossed.

Few Tips:-

  1. Book early from their site and cancellation is easy. There is no online booking fee.
  2. They offer shuttle services too. Check their shuttle timings and plan accordingly.
  3. All-wheel drive is recommended for driving to the place. The path is steep, bumpy, and uneven.
  4. Hot pools bottom is a little uneven, so watch your steps and be careful not to injure yourself.
  5. Bring extra towels and drinking water. There is a small shop at the reception to buy beverages though.
  6. Nude bath is also allowed there, but only for their lodging guests and that too in the night.
  7. Pets and Alcohol are not allowed.

Let us know if you have any questions about the place. We would love to answer.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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