October 2021 Through My Lenses

October is always special to me. I share this month with my father for our birthdays. We celebrated the event in the best possible manner, thanks to Harmit and my sisters. Apart from this, we spent the whole month hiking, traveling, and reading.

This time we went for a road trip from Omaha to New Jersey to meet my sister. We covered Cuyahoga valley national park in Ohio and Pine creek gorge, Ricketts Glen state park, Colton point state park, and Leonard Harrison state park in Pennsylvania. It was a perfect fall road trip with the beauty of nature everywhere. My elder sister bought a Sheprador puppy from a rescue center and she surprised us with that cute puppy on our arrival. We spent 5 days in New Jersey with her and helped her name the dog – Eve.

Highlights from October:-

We invited our sister to Omaha to spend some time with us again. We went to our favorite park – Lake Zorinsky for a nice hike on a sunny day. We completed its East loop which was like 4.4 miles. We are planning to complete its West loop soon. My sister arrived just 2 days before Halloween. This time we didn’t do pumpkin carving, instead, we booked a haunted house. I haven’t been to a haunted house for a long time, so I was excited. We went there(Bloodrush) on Halloween night and OMG it was way better and far scarier than we thought. We were literally running in the 40 min. course.

Coming back to our regular post, below are some of my favorite pictures taken during our trips:-

Which one of these reminds you of the Fall season? What do you love about this season?

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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