World Photography Day 2021

I am not a photographer, I am just a student, learner, and enthusiast. Three years back, I was one of those guys who wants to be in every photo frame, but don’t like to click for others; instead of taking pictures of nature or surroundings, they prefer to be the subject of every picture with a fake devilish smile.

Things got changed when Harmit asked me to buy a camera for our first long trip to Colorado in the USA. We bought Canon PowerShot SX530 HS – a point-and-shoot camera with great zoom and decent features. From that Colorado trip, which soon became my favorite place, I grew my interest in Photography. The icing on the cake was this app called GuruShots where one can participate in various challenges without any entry fee and can win the prize money. More than that people with similar interests see your work and vote for your picture. It’s a great learning platform for a person like me. Basic photographic rules like Rule of Third, Rule of Odds, compositions, leading lines, frames, texture, patterns, and many photography styles were introduced to me through this beautiful app.  

Nearly one year after my Canon purchase, Harmit gifted me Sony Alpha 6500 – mirrorless camera on by birthday. I was just awestruck. Now I spend most of my free time with Alpha, let’s say at least I try to. Leaving for outdoors without it is a big no-no for me. Sometimes Harmit gets irritated with my obsession of capturing almost everything without much attention to her, but she feels good when I show her my final work . She started this, so she has to endure it too, not my fault 😛

Today is World Photography Day. For me, a picture is nothing less than a virtual time travel. I hope my readers will also feel the same through my pictures.


Glowing Woods


Grazing in Open

Nap Time

Crane Flock


Searching Party


Just Blue

Happy Photography Day! Let’s make this world beautiful so that we can get more awesome shots 🙂

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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