Goodreads Of June 2021

I know, I am very late for this post. July is about to finish and I am still talking about June’s Goodreads. Pardon me for the delay, I was really busy these days mainly due to a recent job change.

I read a total of 11 books in June month, this time mostly on Kindle. There is this series available for Prime members called “Nameless” by Dean Koontz, a famous suspense thriller writer. I downloaded it on my laptop’s Kindle app and started reading the stories. Series is a collection of short stories that revolve around a person who is given a mission in each book to do some kind of social justice for those who suffered from someone in the power and are untouchable to the law in some way. The character doesn’t remember anything about his past except the time since he joined this moral team. Who is he? Had he chosen this job willingly, if yes then why? These are some questions that are uncovered in the last book of the series.

I came across Open House through Prime’s First-reads program in which you can download and read a book on kindle with early access to editor’s picks. It was a suspense crime story with an average climax. The plot was good but the ending was just ok. The story is about a girl whose sister went missing a decade ago. Unconvinced by her sister’s disappearance, she tries to solve the puzzle by putting the pieces together.

S. No.TitleAuthorFormatGenreRating
1Open HouseSise, Katie *Kindle Suspense Crime2/5
2In the Heart of the Fire (Nameless: Season One #1)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller3/5
3The Snow ChildIvey, Eowyn *Kindle Fairy Tale4/5
4All My Friends Are Dead
Monsen, Avery
5Photographing the Dead (Nameless: Season One #2)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller 3/5
6The Praying Mantis Bride (Nameless: Season One #3)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller 3/5
7Tesla: Inventor of the ModernMunson, Richard *Book Biography4/5
8A DeathKing, Stephen *DigitalSuspense Crime 3/5
9Red Rain (Nameless: Season One #4)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller 3/5
10The Mercy of Snakes (Nameless: Season One #5)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller 3/5
11Memories of Tomorrow (Nameless: Season One #6)Koontz, Dean *Kindle Suspense Thriller 3/5
June Reads

A Death by Stephen King is a short story about a man who is charged for the rape and murder of a young girl. The plot of the story indicates him innocent, but the local sheriff and public think otherwise. What will happen to him? Would he be able to prove his innocence? Who is the real murderer? These are some questions that trouble the reader’s mind. A very short but interesting story.

All My Friends Are Dead is a graphical dark comedy book that can’t be described in words. The drawings are really funny and totally worth your time. You can enjoy it in just one sitting.

The Snow Child is a story based on a Russian fairy tale. It was the Pulitzer prize nominee in the Fiction category in 2013. I just loved the story. The story is set up in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska where a childless couple settle and one day out of boredom create a snow child which turns alive. Soon they get bonded with her and find the meaning of their life. The story is just beautiful with Faina, their little girl being nature’s child, her domestication, and the turmoil they all suffer in the end. Highly recommended book if you like fantasy. This would be my first pick from the month.

My second pick would be Tesla: Inventor of the Modern. Biography is so well written that even if you have little interest in Science or Electricity, you will be overwhelmed by the facts and genius of Tesla. I read about Tesla coils during my schooling, other than that I wasn’t aware much about him. The writer covers everything about Tesla, his childhood, him being born in-between past and future, his spiritual connection with electricity, his personal conflicts with his father, “war of currents” with Thomas Edison, his contribution for AC currents, obsession with wireless technology, personal habits, friend circle, egoistic nature and many more. He was so ahead of his time that he imagined a world with the Internet and mobile phones. He was the primary contributor of Robotics and one of his devices was able to mimic earthquakes! It’s an honor to read about the great scientist.

Have you read any of the above-listed books? Which one of these would you like to read? Leave your comments.

Happy Reading! Keep Traveling !!!

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